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Opening Up a New World

“It has opened up a new world to me. Honestly, this book is one of the best that I have seen, if not the best, because it chronicles with not only text but with photographs that back up everything. It’s absolutely magnificent. For those like me who say, ‘I’m tired, I can’t do any more,’ you pick up this book and you go through it and you know why you were dedicated and you know why you can’t stop and that you will continue to fight for justice and equality.”


—Former NAACP chairwoman Myrlie Evers-Williams (widow of civil rights martyr Medgar Evers), discussing Civil Rights Chronicle (edited by David) on NPR’s Tavis Smiley Show

DavidJFK on Today

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David Aretha has edited more than 200 books, nonfiction and fiction, which have generated close to $20 million in revenue.


  • Arethas rating on is 4.21 (with more than 4,000 ratings), which places him in the top 1 percentile of authors/editors.

  • He worked 23 years for Publications International, and he has written and edited books for 20 other publishers, including Random House, HarperCollins, St. Martin’s, and Scholastic.

  • The Holocaust Chronicle, which he edited, earned a letter of commendation from then-Vice President Al Gore and sold more than 300,000 copies.

  • He has edited forewords written by Walter Cronkite, John Eisenhower, Margaret Truman, Maureen O’Hara, U.S. Congressman John Lewis, U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye, U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Gordie Howe, Ozzie Smith, and Ernie Banks.

  • JFK Day by Day, which David edited and cowrote, was featured on Today with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira and converted into a video-enhanced ebook that was narrated by David Gregory.

Books edited, as project manager and copyeditor, for Publications International (includes page count):


Legacy Publishing (division of Publications International)

World War II Chronicle 512

   Foreword by John S. D. Eisenhower


The Fifties Chronicle 480

   Foreword by Margaret Truman


The Sixties Chronicle 480

   Foreword by Walter Cronkite


Civil Rights Chronicle 448

   Foreword by Myrlie Evers


Chronicle of the American West 448

   Foreword by U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell


The Holocaust Chronicle 768

   Foreword by Michael Berenbaum


Irish American Chronicle 448

   Foreword by Maureen O’Hara


20th Century Baseball Chronicle 576; The Love of Baseball 320; Cooperstown: Hall of Fame Players 320; The Baseball Chronology 384; The Best of Baseball 216; Grand Slam Armchair Reader 320; Babe Ruth: His Life and Times 216; Baseball: More Than 150 Years 576; 100 Years of Major League Baseball 512; Complete Book of Baseball Cards 320; Wit & Wisdom of Baseball 192; Baseball Legends 320; Baseball’s Prime-Time Stars 144; Sluggers! 128; 1992 Fantasy League Baseball 672; The Love of the Yankees 240; The Love of the Red Sox 240; The Love of the Cubs 240; St. Louis Cardinals: Yesterday & Today 144; Boston Red Sox: Yesterday & Today 144; Detroit Tigers: Yesterday & Today 144; Cleveland Indians: Yesterday & Today 144


1991-92 Basketball Almanac 672; 1992-93 Basketball Almanac 672; 1993-94 Basketball Almanac 672; 1994-95 Basketball Almanac 672; 1995-96 Basketball Almanac 608; Basketball Legends 216; Michael Jordan Scrapbook 128; Michael Jordan: MVP & NBA Champ 64; A Tribute to Michael Jordan 64; Welcome Back, Michael 64; Raging Bulls: NBA Champs 96


20th Century Golf Chronicle 576; 1993 Golf Almanac 672; 1994 Golf Almanac 672; Wit & Wisdom of Golf 192; Golf Legends 216


20th Century Hockey Chronicle 576; Great Book of Hockey 336; The Love of Hockey 320; The Best of Hockey 216; Fire on Ice 144


Football Legends 216; Michigan Football, Yesterday & Today 144; Ohio State Football, Yesterday & Today 144; Notre Dame Football, Yesterday & Today 144; Texas Football, Yesterday & Today 144; New York Giants, Yesterday & Today 144; New England Patriots, Yesterday & Today 144; Green Bay Packers, Yesterday & Today 144; Pittsburgh Steelers, Yesterday & Today 144


Civil Rights, Yesterday & Today 192; Armchair Reader: Amazing and Unusual Facts 320; Memory and Legacy (Holocaust) 240; 365 Phonics Activities 256; The Blue and the Gray (Civil War) 216; Practical Guide to Dog Care 224; Practical Guide to Cat Care 224; Best-Rated Kids Web Sites 160; 100 Easy Perennials 128; America’s Lighthouses 128; God Bless America 96; How to Be a Quiz Show Millionaire 96; Your Luck Is in the Stars 96; What Would Jesus Do? 64; Decorate Your T-Shirts and Sweats 64; Flatten Your Stomach 64; Make Your Own Video (kids) 64; Party of 5 32; Teachers’ Favorites: Fun Activities for Spring 96, Wit & Wisdom of Fishing 368; Boxing Legends 216; Muhammad Ali 216



Other books edited:


Zenith Press: X-15; The German Aces Speak II; Merrill’s Marauders; The American Experience in Vietnam; Colditz: The Full Story; West Point 1915; Hidden Warships; Aircraft Carriers; M4 Sherman Tanks


MVP Books: Yankee Classics; Washington Redskins; New York Jets; Juan Marichal; Best Seat in the House; New York Knicks; March Madness; The Chicago Cubs Reader; Mark Rosen’s Book of Minnesota Sports Lists 


Voyageur Press: The Ultimate Woody Allen Film Companion


Motorbooks: Motorcyclists’ Legal Handbook; 50 Years of Lamborghini; Jaguar: First Gear; Pontiac Firebird: 40 Years


Cool Springs Press: Homegrown Marijuana; Illinois, Indiana & Ohio: Month-by-Month Gardening


Barnes & Noble: The Beatles: Fifty Fabulous Years


Morgan Reynolds Publishing: John Dalton; Ida B. Wells; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Frederick Douglass; William Lloyd Garrison; John Lewis; Karl Marx; Volcanoes; Asteroids and Comets; Mexican-American War; Ancient Mexico

Mitchell Lane: Harry Styles; Kristops Porzingas; Derek Carr; Shawn Mendes; Prince Harry; Meghan Markle


Triumph Books: Chaney; Oriole Magic; Penn State Button Book; Giants


Chelsea House: Wild Bill Hickok; Buffalo Bill Cody; Billy the Kid; Crazy Horse; Aretha Franklin


St. Martin’s Press: Fenway Park: The Centennial


Skyhorse Publishing: The Unofficial U.S. Census; Hidden History


Da Capo Press: The Swamp Fox

Abominable Press: Sonny’s Vendetta


Lightning Storm Literary Press: Beautiful Evil Winter


First Steps Publishing: Nam; Surviving Uncle Hitler

The Overlook Press: Asian Waters

New Haven Press: The Horseshoe Colonel


Promethean Tales: Awakening to Judgement; Turning Point; Valley of Death; Ever Shining; From the Depths; Rock of Salvation; The Journey Home; Jungle Dark; Across Burning Sands; Beyond Burning Sands; End State; Shadow Moves; Clouded Surface; Deep Descent; Dawn Fire; Seeker


Gatekeeper Press: Dying for Strangers; Inside Looking In; Churchill and Roosevelt: The Big Sleepover at the White House; Of Kings and Pawns; All the Little Foxes; Spent Shell Casings; It's Been a Business Doing Pleasure with You; Washington’s Undersea War; The Lines That Divide America; Proud Flesh; Out of Egypt; Stand Up; Kiss of the Art Gods; Chosen; Coil Strike


Terry Braddock: The Stump


Inkwater Press: Journey


Twisted Key Publishing: Quest Chasers: The Deadly Cavern; Quest Chasers: The Screaming Mummy; Ava & Carol Detective Agency: The Mystery of the Pharaohs Diamonds


Eternal Press: Hard Crush

Kadupul Publishing: Mafia Protection


Double M Publishers: No Popes in Heaven


Author House: Moppin’ Floors to CEO


McFarland: The Private Life of General Omar N. Bradley


Lighthorse Publishing: Ace: The Story of Lt. Colonel Ace Cozzalio

Mikaya Press: Little Man

Leigh P. Farrow: Leadership Nuts

Red Mitten Books: The Girl Who Found Christmas

Lulu: To Squeeze a Prairie Dog


Mountain Lions Press: King James Brings The Land a Crown


Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing: Living off the Edge


SynergEbooks: Family Obligations

Singing Buffalo Press: Locally Grown


Dark Road Publishing: Intent to Deceive; Take Down


Paul Hock Publishing: The Serpent’s Eyes


Stoner Publishing: Housewife to Hobo


Overcome Publishing: I Want More Pizza


Chevalier Publishing: Orphan Moon


Rare Bird Books: No Joy


Bancroft Press: True North


Inspirational Works: Earthships; Reaching the Shore


BookBaby: Before the Ashes Fall


Golden Spine Books: The Assembly of Thirteen


Corabella Press: The Big Sleepover


Epigraph Publishing: A Life Rebuilt


Siren Media: Sydney Shag & The Sirens


Autonomous Publications: The Vineyard Dregs


Frog Works Publishing: National Parks


Rorke Publishing: Justice Is for the Lonely

Archway Publishing: The Leviathan


University of Arkansas Press: Gambling and Non-Gambling Corruption in College Sports

Other books and manuscripts, including self-published books (partial list): The Bully Detectives; These Hallowed Halls; Justice Is for the Deserving; The Peoples Party; Cancers Gift; The Witch of Thornapple Springs; Code Word Rose; Mr. Michael’s Toy Emporium; Chasing Strangers; Head in the Game; The Voyage of Steppenwolf; I Am Mai; The Business of Show; One Man, One Tree and One Forest; Tribunes of Altward; The Greatest Baseball Ever Played; Rice Paddy Blues; Black Vortex; Not Qualified (memoir by U.S. Federal Judge Alexander Williams, Jr.); The Journey Home; The Last English Crusader; The Tiger Bites; Cancer’s Gift; Awakening to Judgment; My Life as a Teenage Geek; Pugot; National Parks; The Munchkin Conspiracy; Time, You Thief; A Stream of Red Blood; The Fourth Dimension of My Life; Oh, God, Why My Only Child; Shadow Heroes; Kingdom of Dreams; Addicted to Hopium; Electric Fire; Ludwig Richter; Spontaneous; The Donny; Digging Up the Dead; Clever Ruse


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