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Genre: History

I spent a decade as the senior editor for Legacy Publishing, editing such impactful books as The Holocaust Chronicle and Civil Rights Chronicle: The African American Struggle for Freedom, with a combined 400,000 copies sold.


Besides editing dozens of history books, I have written many others for juvenile nonfiction companies, mostly for older students, several of which won awards. My focus has been on American history, primarily 20th and 19th century, mostly the civil rights movement, World War II, Vietnam, the ’60s, and the Civil War. As for copyediting, I feel confident editing history books focused on any era.


“You want a complete history of the Holocaust? Then buy this book. It’s big, at almost 800 pages. But, I honestly haven’t found a more comprehensive retelling of the Holocaust than this book. And I've read plenty. The level of detail is impressive. This book should be used in schools.”

—Amazon reviewer

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