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Genre: Novels

Over the last decade, I have edited over 100 novels. I typically will NOT do a deep-dive developmental edit of your novel. Instead, I offer a different type of service...

This is what I typically offer novelists: I will copyedit your novel (usually for 1.2 to 1.8 cents per word), which will include one read. I will catch around 99 percent of mistakes and inconsistencies. As an added bonus, I will make suggestions for improvement throughout the manuscript. So, you’re getting a first-rate copyedit along with an experienced content edit all for around a penny and a half per word. 

“Easy five stars. I’ve worked with David since 2019 and have come to rely on his professional expertise. He’s done the heavy lifting on line edits to multiple writing projects both quickly and thoroughly. I view him as a professional colleague as well as being part of my writing team. David really digs into the nuts and bolts of a piece of writing and sees things that are invisible to the average writer—like Italicized commas or a missed article (on a sentence I’ve read a thousand times lol). Get it done right.”

—Douglas Burton, author of the multi-award-winning novel Flyaway Bird

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