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Genre: Sports

In the 1980s and ’90s I was primarily a sports writer and editor, and I was still writing football, baseball, and basketball biographies for adolescent readers into the 2020s. I have written and edited more than $10 million worth of sports books, including writing and editing The Love of Baseball, which sold 300,000 copies. Please see this website’s Author and Editor pages for lists of books I’ve worked on.


I also freelanced for years for Topps, writing player profiles for the back of baseball, football, and basketball cards. I am highly experienced in baseball, football, basketball, and golf, and I have edited books on hockey, volleyball, boxing, soccer, and Olympic sports.


I have long specialized in copyediting, book editing, and sports writing/editing, so if you need someone to edit your sports book, I’m your guy.


“David Aretha is one of the most reliable and qualified copyeditors and proofreaders I have worked with in my many years in publishing. His attention to detail, his consistent and conscientious approach to the text, and his organizational skills ensure that the material he submits on editing projects is always of utmost quality.”

—Josh Leventhal, publisher, MVP Books, a sports book company

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