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Genre: Memoirs/Autobiographies

I have edited dozens of memoirs and autobiographies, including those authored by CEOs, doctors, and entertainers as well as others who have endured extreme trauma and other extraordinary challenges. Memoirists make themselves vulnerable to the reading public, and I always edit their manuscripts with care and respect.


I have written many biographies for younger readers (up to college age), earning several awards. I pass my knowledge of writing biographies to the authors of memoirs and autobiographies. I want to make sure that the story stays focused, tight, and aligned to theme. Authors who make themselves vulnerable and are gut-honest will have the strongest connections with their readers.


For memoirs, I typically provide copyediting and content editing in one combined read, keeping the fee low.


“David Aretha is very talented at both content and line editing. He gives excellent feedback with encouragement and respect. Careful thought goes into his macro work, and he reads with a meticulous eye for micro errors. David always meets deadlines and answers emails. I have already (and wholeheartedly) recommended him to other writers.”

—Ishy Creo, author of Petey: A Story of Mutual Rescue

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